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Branding & Identity

Branding vs. Identity: what’s the difference? If you aren’t an expert on design industry buzzwords, you might have wondered what the difference is between branding and identity. Even some designers are confused by these terms. While both are similar, one is a subset of the other.

  • Branding is about creating a customer experience.
  • Identity is about visuals and packaging.

So, what is branding? Branding is the process of developing a perception about your business and/or a customer experience that includes design as part of the process, but is also driven by elements such as naming, marketing strategy, advertising, public relations, market research, customer feedback and more. Identity is an important piece of the branding puzzle for most businesses and helps to enable customer response. Think, "Coca- Cola," "Panera," "Nike," "Trump," "Twitter," "You-Tube."

Basically you want to have an Identity (logo) that is maintained throughout your entire website which is then associated with your "Brand."(Business Website)

At DDinDesign, we help you with the visual aspects of branding through the design of identity packages for small businesses. The most common pieces of an identity package for small businesses are a logo, business stationery, and a web site. However, since all client needs are different, full identity packages often include other types of business collateral such as brochures, newsletters, product packaging, signs and other materials. If you need just this service then feel free to contact Raquelia with DDinDesign.

8 Essential Elements to a Comprehensive Brand Identity
  • Logo or wordmark
  • Logo Flexability
  • Key colors
  • Additional color palette options
  • Corporate typefaces
  • Standard typographic treatments
  • Consistent style for images
  • Have a full library of graphic elements

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Brand Identity Design

From startups and individuals to established corporations. From a simple logo to get up and running, to a complete rebrand of a corporate identity.(Website, Flyers, Business Crads, Brochures or online catalog) Every client receives one-on-one attention and the level of excellence they deserve. Large or small, whatever you need, our aim is to exceed your expectations. Featured below is some examples of our branding and identity services list. Every engagement begins with learning about who you are, what you need and what you envision.

Building a responsive website

Making the best first impression starts with your logo design; it is the heart and face of your brand. We’ll work with you and create a logo that’s fresh, innovative, and means business.

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From packaging a product to a business card Raquelia can design anything you or your business might need. Whether it's for print or for a website you will get quality work for a minimal price. While there are sites where you can get a logo or a business card for under $100 the quality of your product or service is more important to us and you are not just another customer on an assembly line. There used to be a moment of confusion when we quoted illustrated projects, where clients wondered exactly what they’re getting. While there are lots of ways to categorize illustration types, we price illustrations in a few set categories. Most of our design/illustration work is done in In-Design and Illustrator, (Adobe Creative Suite) and are priced on time or project. Email for quote.

  • Character illustration
  • Magazine or Ad illustration
  • Icon illustration
  • Digital illustration
  • Logo illustration

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It is no secret that direct mailers or flyers is a great marketing tool even today. But a well designed direct mailer or flyer is even greater! You can advertise a new line of your product or a new service in the most effective and efficient way with professionally developed direct mailer or flyer. Dynamic Direction in Design is a professional in the design market that creates mailers, flyers and brochures that hold the substance and vision of a brand, while complementing and strengthening all the other aspects of its identity.

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